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If you don't rent your home,

why would you rent your power?

The NEW Solar program is no out-of-pocket cost!

The Process

  • We send one of our partnered professionals to your door to greet you and conduct a quick audit of the home. 

  • They will check the meter and electrical on the side of the house and analyze energy consumption, so the proposed system will cover the needs of the home. It is a VERY SIMPLE and EASY process.

  • The average audit lasts ONLY 10 - 15 minutes. That meeting will be accelerated by having your physical power bill readily available.

  • They will go over the potential benefits (and potential drawbacks, if any) for your household, and present the program that will provide the most value. There is no commitment to receive this information.

Long Story Short:  You should be able to "go green" in more ways than one! If it doesn't save you money, we will actually recommend you not moving forward with us as Solar is not for everyone.


For homes that qualify, you will receive tax credits toward paying for your new system. For those who have tax liability, credits will range in amounts between $1,000 - $15,000. When you own your power, you are purchasing a customized system through a lending option. Since the home's power is being provided via onsite panels, there is no "regular power bill" anymore. With no up-front or out-of-pocket cost, you will make monthly installments at a lower monthly cost than your current power bill while adding equity to your home.

Once it is paid off . . .

 You Own Your Power! 


In the NEW lease program, there is no out-of-pocket cost as well. There is also NO LIEN on the home like there used to be with this option. The available tax credits are claimed by the owner of the panels (which is not you), however your monthly power bill

WILL DECREASE somewhere between 5% - 40%.

Some save $10 a month, and others save $135 a month.

Not too shabby.

Request a Free Audit and Site Survey to see if your roof qualifies:

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